Asset Protection

Asset Protection Attorneys Chicago

Creating an asset protection plan protects your belongings, from the hands of creditors; at the base level, the plan encompasses umbrella protection, a couple’s home in tenancy (as owned by the married couple), and exemption planning, by holding certain assets as an exemption, is a judgement is entered.

Asset Protection Process

At a higher level, the asset protection lawyer Chicago planning process entails the use of limited liabilities in a cost effective manner. The use of irrevocable offshore and domestic asset protection trusts are also included at the highest level of protection. Even with an ordinary revocable grantor trust, when funded, warrants a level of protection, even after the grantor passes away.

Diversification of Investments

Like setting up an estate plan, asset protections lawyer Chicago prepare a plan which extends to judicious selection as well as diversification of an individual’s investments, which is in accordance with their overall investment plan. At Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, our firm works with financial planners, as well as qualified insurance, and investment professionals, when it is in the best interest of our clients. Working as an overall team, to protect the client, our team, and these professionals, work together, to ensure our clients’ best interests are being met.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

All of our lawyers working at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, work to protect our clients, and the assets which they possess, in the most cost efficient manner for the client. With an experienced team working in bankruptcy law, as well as creditors’ rights claims, we have a dedicated team here to assist you. Additionally, our firm has experienced lawyers in all sectors, from trusts and limited liability entities, which allows us to provide the best guidance and assistance to all of our clients, and to provide that guidance at the most reasonable and affordable rates for our clients when they hire us.

Estate Planning Attorney in Chicago

When you choose our team for services, our asset protection lawyers Chicago provide a number of services to aid you in the planning process, to protect your asses. Some of the services which are offered will include:
– Bankruptcy exemption planning services.
– Limited liability entities.
– Trusts.

Regardless of the assistance you need, or the type of plan you would like to set up, you can rely on our team at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, for the services you need. We are here to assist in planning, and guarantee excellent services to our clients, for an affordable price when they hire us.