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Bankruptcy Lawyer ChicagoBankruptcy Lawyers Chicago – Free Consultation

During a bankruptcy proceeding, an asset protection plan will help protect your assets, from the hands of certain collectors. From protecting the marriage home (tenancy in common), to basic exemption planning, our team of bankruptcy lawyers Chicago, can assist you in setting up a plan, and protecting all your assets, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding.

Asset Protection and Bankruptcy

The use of irrevocable offshore transactions is a simple way to protect some of your assets in certain proceedings. Planning, is a cost effective method of protecting your assets and financial belongings, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding occurring. Even with a fully funded grantor trust, we can protect certain assets from proceedings, even following the grantor’s death, when properly planned and laid out.

Asset planing, for the purposes of protecting your property in bankruptcy, requires financial planning. Our bankruptcy lawyers Chicago will not only work within our firm to protect you and set up a plan, but we also work with other investment professionals, in order to ensure optimal protection of your belongings. We work with investment and accounting professionals, and any other professionals our clients indicate they want us to work with, to ensure the best protection, and to ensure bankruptcy will not remove ownership of all assets a client owns.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Chicago

When you choose our firm at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, we work to ensure we can protect your assets, and our team is going to work to provide you with the most cost effective planning options available to you. Our bankruptcy lawyers Chicago, and team that has experience in creditors’ rights, is here to assist you through all phases of the process. This along with our firm’s experience in trust funds and limited entities, will also allow us to best protect you and your assets, and to provide you the best legal advice and services, for an affordable cost to you.

More Than Just a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

In addition to our asset services and protection, our bankruptcy lawyers Chicago are also going to provide assistance with:
– Exemption planning in the event you file for bankruptcy.
– Working with limited liability entities.
– Creating a trust to protect certain assets from bankruptcy.

No matter what your financial situation, or what you are struggling to pay off, our bankruptcy lawyers Chicago are here to assist you through all steps and phases of the process, and we are here to provide you with an affordable service offering, when you need our professional help.

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