Estate Planning

Estate Planning – Nationwide

Legal planning is the most critical aspect an individual or business can take to protect assets and pass on the maximum value of your estate. A wide variety of complex laws, potential liabilities (whether tax issues or future medical expenses) and litigation can utterly destroy your personal and financial achievements.

Our law firm helps clients nationwide with offices located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Estate Planning In Chicago, Illinois

Our attorneys help clients in a wide range of transactional matters such as:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Law
  • Tax Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Law
  • Tax Law
  • Asset Protection
  • Trusts and Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Elder Law
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Administration

Trusts, Wills, Asset Protection, Tax and Estate Planning

Our attorneys help clients in a wide range of transactional matters such as:

  • Strategy and creation of asset protection, estate and business succession plans.
  • Individual and business tax law including real estate, employment, income and transfer tax.
  • Elder Care Planning
  • Trust, Wills, Probate and Estate Planning
  • Financial Restructuring (bankruptcy, tax debt relief)

Why Clients Work With Us – Estate Planning

Estate Planning is critical for the protection of your loved ones after your death and is a very personal process. Accordingly, it is important you have a trustworthy, compassionate estate planning attorney who knows the best way to achieve your goals. Our estate planning and tax attorneys practice in the areas of complex estate planning, probate, tax law and estate administration.