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Chicago Intellectual Property LawyersIntellectual Property Lawyers in Chicago

For a business, intellectual property may be your most valuable asset. Equipment, a company name, a logo, or other such items, which are intangible, might actually stand to be the ones that draw in the most business and highest earnings for your business. It does not matter if you are a developed company or a start up, our intellectual property lawyers Chicago can assist you, when you reach out to our firm for guidance and advice.

US Patents & trademark office –

Major assets, like a company name or logo should be registered and trademarked. You can do so at the US Patent and trademark office (USPTO), if you have not yet done so for your business. If you are going to use a mark, but have not yet begun, we can register it for you. Or, if you have had an application denied, for any reason, by the USPTO, we have a team on hand that can help you, and our intellectual property lawyers Chicago are here to guide you, and find out what reasons you were rejected on, so we can appeal, and properly file, to ensure your idea or mark is going to be protected some time down the road.

Copyrights –

From paintings and drawings, to music lyrics, we can also help you with protecting a copyright for these things you have created. It takes time for you to create these items, so why would you not protect them? If you do not have a license registered, you do not have any legal protection, in the event someone tries to use them.

If you own a trademark, and would like to allow another individual or entity to use it, we can also help you with this. Or, if you would like to use a trademark, from another business, we can also help you get the legal right to do this.

Trade secrets –

In many cases, protecting intellectual property is about keeping it a secrete for some time; our intellectual property lawyers Chicago, at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, can also assist you on this front.

No matter what your question is, if you want to find out more, our team is here to assist you, and answer any questions that you might have. Call us today at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, and allow us to guide you, or help you start the protection process, if you have something worth protecting for your business.

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