Business Law

Small Business Lawyers Chicago

Our business law lawyers Chicago work to help you form, operate, and run any business or investment entity. From privately held corporations to LLC, or any other limited entity you operate. We counsel our clients, to avoid high tax implications, to ensure the best business plan, and to ensure the smoothest operations, regardless of the type of business they run, or the type of client that they work with.

Business Law & Legal Planning

By learning what you do, and fully understanding your business, we are best able to represent you. We can best design a business plan, agreements, documents, tax plans, and all other important documents, when we know what you do, and who you serve. We can then draft negotiations, legal documents, and consult with you, on an regular basis, as needed, to ensure smooth operations for your business. And, when needed, our team at Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, will seek additional assistance from outside counsel, so that we can best aid you, and help you properly run the business that you run.

Form a Corporation in Cook County

At Estate Planning Lawyers Chicago, our business law lawyers Chicago have experience in negotiations, drafting, and preparing documents for the limited liability companies. From a shareholder agreement, to licensing or non disclosure agreements, our team has experience drafting any and all documents you require. For any business size, and entity, we are here to help you through the steps, and help you properly draft the documents that are being sent out and submitted; whether it is a non compete clause or an employment disclosure form, we can draft it all, and help you properly deliver these documents, to ensure smooth operations, and to avoid legal ramifications for your business some time down the line.

More Than Just a Small Business Lawyer

We also have experience in buying or selling businesses, stock purchases and sales, asset purchases, franchises, and commercial real estate. Regardless of what it is, our team has experience delivering on all business fronts. We are also adding on an intellectual property team joining us, so we can provide additional assistance to our clients who need it. We can help you identify and register, and protect your clients intellectual properties. From trademark to service marks, and any other property right issue or claim, our business law lawyers Chicago, are here to assist you, and can guide any client, regardless of where they stand, or what kind of information or advice they need in a specific area.